Photo of a man with a gun tucked under his belt in back

Off-Duty Cop Falls Asleep at Movie Theater With Gun in Lap

An off-duty Bakersfield police officer was arrested Thursday night after he fell asleep in a movie theater with a loaded handgun on his lap, according to 23ABC News. Listen to this article:

Toddler Girl Rescued in Cambria After Amber Alert

An Amber Alert issued for a San Jose man who stabbed his girlfriend and took their 2-year-old daughter Sunday night led to his arrest and the child's safe return Monday. Several motorists stopped him from fleeing a gas station in Cambria by blocking him in ...
Photo of a cockfight

Ceres Man Arrested for Running Cockfighting Business

Law enforcement officers arrested a Ceres man Monday morning for being involved in the illegal blood sport of cockfighting. The arrest of Joseph D. Sanford, 72, came after his federal grand jury indictment l...
Photo of a student in handcuffs

Students, Your Life Can Change Forever With One Post

Fresno area schools and law enforcement have teamed up on a video message for youth. Did you know that last year during one week, five local high school students were arrested after posting threatening images on social media sites? Listen to this artic...