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Photo of Sen. Richard Pan and Sen. Bob Archuleta

Tougher Vaccination Requirements Move Forward in California

SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers moved ahead Wednesday with tougher rules that limit parents from choosing whether to vaccinate their schoolchildren as a handful of opponents shouted "we will not comply" inside the Senate. Senators sent the measure to the ...
Photo of Elon Musk

Vegas Tourism Board Backs $49 Million Elon Musk Transit System

A company backed by tech billionaire Elon Musk has been granted a nearly $49 million contract to build a transit system using self-driving vehicles underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center. The system will use self-driving electric vehicles capable of tra...
Photo of a sea dragon

New California Sea Dragon Habitat Is Among World’s Largest

LA JOLLA — At first glance, it looks like a branch of kelp, but then an eye moves among its leafy appendages, and ridges of tiny, translucent fins start to flutter, sending the creature gliding through the water like something from a fairy tale. "They look...

Iranian Lawmaker Says His Country Doesn’t Want War With US

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran will "under no circumstances" enter a war either directly or indirectly with the United States, a prominent reformist Iranian lawmaker said Wednesday, as both Washington and Tehran try to ease heightened tensions in the region. The repor...
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