Photo of military units participating in the inaugural parade from the Capitol to the White House in 2017

Trump Nixes $92M Military Parade, Blames DC for High Cost

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said Friday he had canceled plans for a Veterans Day military parade, citing the "ridiculously high" price tag — a day after U.S. officials said the November event could cost $92 million, more than three times the price firs...
Photo of Elon Musk, Tesla CEO

Musk Says He’s Cracking Under Stress of Tesla Job

What do you do when your CEO confesses that he's cracking under the stress of his job? That's the question that the nine board members of electric car and solar panel maker Tesla Inc. must answer after Elon Musk, the company's impulsive leader, admitted to ...
Photo Illustration conceptualizing Twitter's block of an Elizabeth Heng campaign ad

Like Facebook, Twitter Blocks Heng Video, Then Changes Mind

For the second time in a month, Elizabeth Heng said a social media service blocked her campaign video. And, for the second time in a month, a social media company restored it. This time around, Twitter removed Heng’s video on grounds that it violated the co...
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