A firefighter keeps an eye on the Holy Fire in southern California.

California’s Priorities Questioned As Deadly Fires Explode

The Wall Street Journal wrote in an editorial published Aug. 7 that liberals exploiting natural disasters such as drought, hurricane, and blizzards to promote their anti-fossil fuels agenda is no secret. Yet, these same liberals are outraged that Trump is d...
Photo of linebacker Junior Seau

Why Are There So Many Samoans in the NFL?

Long before Oahu’s North Shore became a global hot spot for football, it was a pu`uhonua, a refuge under the protection of priests. Fugitives and villagers escaping the carnage of island warfare, or punishment ...

Negotiate With Taliban to End Afghan War: Zakaria

Recent news reports on U.S. strategy in Afghanistan have raised the possibility of future direct talks with the Taliban aimed at reaching a peace accord and allowing for the withdrawal of American troops from t...
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