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No More Masks on June 15! Thank You, Gov. Newsom.

Blessed with a state treasury that has a spare $100 billion and a pandemic that's finally receding, Gavin Newsom is surfing across California on a seemingly perfect wave. He's passing out tax rebates, emergency drought declarations, and billions to reduce homelessness and support education. On Tuesday, he told FoxLA's news...

Walters : Bills Would Hamstring Future California Recalls

As signatures on petitions to force Gov. Gavin Newsom into a recall election are being tallied, the Legislature is considering bills that would, if enacted, make future recalls of California’s elected officials less likely. Two Democratic state senators, Ben Allen of Redondo Beach and Josh Newman of Fullerton, are carrying...

Resnicks Give $250K To Help Newsom, but Pro-Recall Farmers ‘Afraid’ to Donate

In the Central Valley, a drive on Highway 99 or Interstate 5 turns up signs displaying farmers' animosity toward Gavin Newsom. But that energy isn't producing big ag donations to oust the governor. A check of the Secretary of State's campaign finance site Cal-Access documents many small donations of $20 to...