Blessed with a state treasury that has a spare $100 billion and a pandemic that’s finally receding, Gavin Newsom is surfing across California on a seemingly perfect wave.

He’s passing out tax rebates, emergency drought declarations, and billions to reduce homelessness and support education.

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Bill McEwen


On Tuesday, he told FoxLA’s news anchor Elex Michaelson what Californians yearned to hear.

Michaelson asked Newsom what California would look like on June 15.

“That world looks a lot like the world we entered into before the pandemic, we’re not wearing face coverings, we’re not restricted. …” the governor replied.

Any exceptions?

“Huge large-scale indoor convention events where we’ll use our common sense.”


Celebrate Freedom — and the End of Mask Politics

Don’t get me wrong, the coronavirus pandemic is deadly serious business.

I wear a mask religiously. I’m fully vaccinated. But the freedom to go maskless is the surest sign yet that we’re beating this virus. And that’s cause for celebration. Not the least of which is ending the divide created by the Looney Tunes politicization of masks.

Newsom Wins the Recall. No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

The winding down of the pandemic and the gargantuan budget surplus are enabling Newsom to extinguish any drama from Republican efforts to recall him.

The latest polling shows just 36% of voters support his ouster. That percentage will dwindle in coming weeks, as Newsom’s budget gifts and the end of the mask mandate soften voter ire.

As for Caitlyn Jenner, she can’t even accurately remember if she voted in the 2020 election. That makes her the recall candidate with no recall.

By any measure, the recall is an endeavor fueled by Republican frustrations over their failure to win elections in California. Tired of the coronavirus mandates, Democrats signed the recall petitions, too. And, Newsom hurt himself with a maskless trip to a high-end Napa Valley restaurant.

But, anyone with a modicum of sense, knows that a majority of Californians aren’t going to yank Newsom from office a year before his term expires.

Not when the options are Kevin Faulconer, Doug Ose, John Cox, and Caitlyn Jenner.

Faulconer is virtually unknown north of San Diego.

Ose is virtually unknown south of Sacramento.

Cox got drubbed by nearly 24 percentage points in the 2018 gubernatorial race and is running a recall campaign so juvenile it’s turning off Republicans. When will this guy get the message, take his bear, and quit politics?

As for Jenner, she can’t even accurately remember if she voted in the 2020 election. That makes her the recall candidate with no recall.

Still, a recall election will take place, and it’ll cost taxpayers up to $400 million.

So much for GOP frugality with public spending.

The good news is, no one going to the polls needs a mask.

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  1. Ron Sherrin

    Hey Bill, I’m waiting to read you column on truth decay & the Republican Party. Your party of Trump cult zombies has a BIG problem. They still believe the BIG LIE that the election was stolen. 70% of Republicans think Biden lossy the election. Bill, what do you have to say about your Trump loving friends? They are zombies Bill, say something! Like Mitt Romney said, “Tell the truth!” Jan. 6 is the story Bill, the reckoning will never stop. You can run but you cannot hide.


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