Composite of GV Wire's Jamie Ouverson and Hundred Dollar Bills

Impact of Trump’s Tariffs on Americans Explained

President Donald Trump's international trade war might have made sense from an American perspective in the 19th century. Certainly, Trump is to be commended for trying to protect U.S. patents, trade secrets, and intellectual properties. China, as we know, d...
Photo of Valley Children's Hospital mascot George the giraffe and a patient

Valley Children’s Again Ranks Among the Nation’s Best

Valley Children's Hospital received its most impressive scorecard ever in the U.S. News & World Report's Best Children's Hospital list released Tuesday. The hospital is nationally ranked for 2019-20 in five pediatric specialties: diabetes and endocrinol...

Soul-Crushing Cost of College in California, Explained

It’s not your grandparents’ — or even your parents ’— higher-ed system. A young Californian of the Baby Boomer generation, bolstered by the post-war economic boom and the state’s investment in public higher education, could often emerge from college with littl...
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