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Hypocritical Newsom Touts Freedom While Disrespecting Reporters

A reporter for West Virginia’s public broadcasting system was fired last month after exposing the state health agency’s abuse of disabled people. Amelia Ferrell Knisley said she was axed after ignoring orders to stop reporting that the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources was hiding information about treatment...

Walters: Is Newsom Making Any Difference on Fracking?

British journalist James Bartholomew is widely credited with creating the phrase “virtue signaling” to describe positioning oneself on the popular side of an issue without actually doing anything about it. Politicians are particularly prone to uttering words or making token efforts on difficult issues to stave off criticism about their...

Walters: California’s Looming Showdown Over Crime and Punishment

Should California continue to reduce punishment for crimes large and small, or has it gone too far and implicitly allowed criminals to prey upon Californians without fear of imprisonment? The question has reverberated throughout the state over the last half-decade, ever since former Gov. Jerry Brown lunched a personal crusade...