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CA Made Primary Elections Boring and Voter Turnout Reflects That

■California’s primary elections used to be held in June. ■Democrats changed the primary date to March in 2020. ■Changes have led to lo...

/ 2 months ago

Newly Rebuilt Friant-Kern Canal Sinking From Overpumping: Lawsuit

Farmers in Tulare County are being allowed to continue pumping so much groundwater that it is endangering a newly constructed portion of the...

/ 2 months ago

California Needs Reliable Water Supply, but Climate Change Brings More Uncertainty

■California’s water allocation is lower than expected, impacting agriculture. ■Water regulators warn of low allocations despite high r...

/ 2 months ago

CA Court Ruling Could Crack Down on Tactics to Delay or Block Housing Construction

■Assembly Bill 1633 aims to reduce CEQA delays in urban projects. ■A recent court ruling could make it harder to use CEQA to stop projects. ...

/ 2 months ago

California’s Capital City, Sacramento, Doubles as the Capital of Official Sneakiness

■Sacramento violates Brown Act by giving city manager and others hefty raises in a special meeting. ■Raises awarded despite $50 million budg...

/ 2 months ago

Newsom’s Budget Already Leaking Red Ink as Deficit Swells to $73B

■California’s budget deficit is estimated at $73 billion, up from $38 billion. ■January’s income tax payments were $5 billion be...

/ 2 months ago

Gavin Newsom Wants to Resolve California’s Long Debate Over Mental Health

After California became a state in 1850, one of its first acts was to establish the Insane Asylum of California in Stockton, the first of 12...

/ 2 months ago

Unions Strike a Major Blow in Long Battle Against LA Charter Schools

■New LA school board majority aims to evict some charter schools. ■Resolution imposes tight limits on housing charters within traditional sc...

/ 2 months ago

This Is How California Schools Can Better Teach Kids to Read

■Reading is foundational to learning, but California is not doing well. ■A phonics-based system dubbed the “science of reading” has proven e...

/ 2 months ago

Community College Bachelor’s Degrees Are a Win-Win. California Should Offer More.

■California’s 64-year-old higher education plan is outdated. ■Community colleges’ expansion into four-year degrees is permanent....

/ 2 months ago

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Boeing’s Financial Woes Continue, While Families of Crash Victims Urge US to Prosecute

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Police Tangle With Students in Texas and California as Wave of Campus Protest Against Gaza War Grows

CA District 27 Assembly candidate Joanna Garcia Rose

13 hours ago

Meet the Valley Republican Predicting a November Win Over Esmeralda Soria

13 hours ago

Wired Wednesday: Construction Workers on 2018 Fresno Unified Project Still Not Paid

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Ukraine Uses Long-Range Missiles Secretly Provided by US to Hit Russian-Held Areas, Officials Say