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Fat Fresno Budget Could Make Most Everyone’s Park Dreams Come True

  Fresno residents are voicing their ideas about what they want to see in their parks. And, thanks to parks sales tax monies swollen by the Amazon distribution center, the city should have enough funding (nearly $75 million this year alone) to make almost every resident’s park dream come true...

RIP, David McDonald: A Giant in Local Business and Philanthropy

David McDonald, who had a giant impact on the Fresno area as a businessman and philanthropist, died Wednesday morning at his Prather home. Fresno County deputies responded to a call for medical assistance at about 9 a.m. McDonald, 69, later passed away, apparently of natural causes, according to the sheriff's office....

Janz Is One of Many Dems Who Want to Ditch Pelosi

If the Blue Wave washes over Republicans in November, will Nancy Pelosi return as Speaker of the House? First, Democrats have to take control of the House of Representatives. Second, those Democrats would have to stick with the San Francisco liberal stalwart as their leader. Vox reports that Pelosi’s party...