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‘Baron of Bacon’ Boldly Sets Up Shop with Endless Variety of Burgers. Here’s a Sampling.

Who would open a specialty burger joint in the middle of a pandemic? Scott Slater would. The founder and namesake of Slater's 50/50 already planned to open his restaurant in Fresno pre-pandemic, signing his lease last year. "Opening up a restaurant, the middle of pandemic sounds absolutely insane," Slater said,...

How Risky Is Eating Red Meat? New Papers Provoke Controversy

NEW YORK — Eating red meat is linked to cancer and heart disease, but are the risks big enough to give up burgers and steak? A team of international researchers says probably not, contradicting established advice. In a series of papers published Monday, the researchers say the increased risks are...

Americans Are Gobbling Up Plant-Based Burgers

After months of shortages, Impossible Foods is partnering with a veteran food production company to ramp up supplies of its popular plant-based burgers. The Redwood City, Calif.-based startup is partnering with OSI Group, an original supplier to McDonald's and one of the world's largest food producers. OSI, based in Aurora,...