The evacuation of the Auberry area created some tense moments for Debra Jean Rios and her 92 year-old mother this morning.

Debra Jean Rios

Rios was at work at the U.S. Forest Service office in Prather when the order came for Auberry residents to leave because of the fast-spreading Creek Fire.

Mom was Stranded at Auberry Home

Rios’ elderly mother lives with her at her home on Backbone Mountain, just east of the threatened town. But, because of the closure of Auberry Road, Rios was not allowed to race home to bring her mom to safety.

That’s when officers from the Clovis Police Department stepped in. They went to Rios’ house and gave her mom a ride down the mountain, where the two were soon reunited.

She’ll be staying with other relatives for the time being, Rios said, noting that her mom just recently celebrated the news that she’s become a great-great grandmother.

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