There will not be a recall election of Fresno Unified School District Trustee Terry Slatic.

A recall effort officially launched in January failed to turn in any signatures by the Tuesday deadline, according to Fresno County Clerk Brandi Orth.

The group, organized by community activist Stacy Williams, needed to turn in 7,338 signatures from residents in the Bullard High School region.

“It was always a nothing burger,” Slatic said Thursday. “But the takeaway is, whenever the legal system has scrutinized anything I’ve done, it’s always ‘you haven’t done anything wrong,’ ” Slatic said.

When contacted for comment, Williams hung up the phone.

Slatic has irked some residents for a series of incidents he was involved in at Bullard. His fellow school board members formally censured him in August 2019.

His seat comes up for election in November 2022.

5 Responses

  1. Andyfab

    Well, so much for the so called activist Stacey Williams who was only able to gather a big turd rather than support and signatures. I hope you’ve learned that activism requires facts, not emotion. Stick to closet activism, you’re much better at it and you won’t waste anybody’s time.

    • will

      She did try to gather signatures even standing out front of Bullard High School but people were not interested. she has a new gig with fathers & families of San Joaquin. Hopefully this is the one that sticks, she is getting some interviews on local news but nothing ever really stable with her. Hope she finds her passion and it’s stable.

  2. mgomez

    Why so quiet, Stacy? Huh?

    You paraded into the clerk’s office with the cameras rolling, and now you don’t want any publicity? Not taking telephone calls from the media?

    You should write a check and reimburse the County for the time spent on your ridiculous and time-wasting recall party.

  3. Vicki FUSD

    Stacy, stick to Twitter. Stay in your lane. Stay in the shallow end of the pool.

  4. Andyfab

    I hope that people in the community has come to the conclusion that Stacey Williams isn’t an activist by any definition of the word but rather just “long-winded.” And I wish Ms. Price would stop referring to her as an activist since Stacey Williams has proven that term to be most inaccurate and false.


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