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US Women's Soccer Pay Gap More Complicated Than You Think

Americans should all stand and cheer for our U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, now four-time World Cup champions. After their latest championship victory, the crowd even broke out into chants of “Equal pay!” in support of the team’s wage-discrimination lawsuit against their employer, the U.S. Soccer Federation, and for their broader...

Women's World Cup Champ's Hotel Room Burglarized

LOS ANGELES — The celebration was cut short for a member of the World Cup champion U.S. women's soccer team after she discovered someone had burglarized her hotel room in Los Angeles. Allie Long tweeted on Thursday it happened after the team was honored at The ESPYS on Wednesday night. After the...

French Superstar Mbappe, 19, Donates World Cup Paycheck & Bonus

Kylian Mbappe plays soccer with the passion of a youngster, which he is, and the knowledge of a much old player. He's exhibiting this same combination of heart and wisdom off the pitch as well. The 19-year-old French forward, according to the newspaper L’Equipe, is donating his World Cup paycheck...