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New Study Shows Promise and Caution for Magic Mushrooms

A recent study published in Nature reveals fascinating insights into how psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, affects the h...

/ 2 days ago

JD Vance’s Public Venmo Reveals Ties to Elites, Project 2025

Senator J.D. Vance, the Republican vice presidential nominee, has a public Venmo account that reveals his extensive network of connections, ...

/ 2 days ago

CA Mom Pleads Guilty to Masterminding $8 Million Makeup Theft Ring From Her Mansion

Michelle Mack, a 53-year-old woman from Bonsall, California, has pleaded guilty to charges of organized retail theft and conspiracy. Accordi...

/ 3 days ago

Majority of Americans, Including Republicans, Back Biden’s Supreme Court Term Limit Plan

President Joe Biden is set to support measures to reform the U.S. Supreme Court, including an enforceable ethics code and term limits for ju...

/ 3 days ago

Measure P Arts Grants Spark Debate and a Meeting Tonight

Nearly $9 million in Measure P arts grants are mired in “bureaucratic quicksand” as groups denied funding fight for a piece of t...

/ 5 days ago

US Ghostrider Aircraft Showcases Howitzer Power in South Korea Drills

The U.S. Air Force AC-130J, flying over South Korea’s high-rise apartment buildings, boasts powerful cameras capable of detailed surve...

/ 1 week ago

Fresno State Students Serve Locals with Help from CalViva Health Scholarships

Dominique Perry knew from a young age she wanted to become a nurse. “I grew up watching multiple TV shows surrounding individuals in the hea...

/ 2 weeks ago

UN Experts: Israel Conducts ‘Targeted Starvation Campaign’ in Gaza

United Nations human rights experts have accused Israel of conducting a “targeted starvation campaign” in Gaza, resulting in dea...

/ 2 weeks ago

Maddy Institute Gets City of Fresno Grant for Legislative Internships

The Maddy Institute was awarded a $150,000 grant from the City of Fresno following the passage of the city’s budget on June 20. The grant wi...

/ 3 weeks ago

New Fresno State Study Shows South Fresno Job Growth Down Despite Industrial Development

Once a quiet countryside neighborhood east of Highway 41, the area of Orange and Central avenues in south Fresno is now at the center of an ...

/ 3 weeks ago

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Photo of President Donald Trump

14 hours ago

Young Republicans on Why Their Party Isn’t Reaching Gen Z (And What They Can Do About It)

16 hours ago

JD Vance Puts the Con in Conservatism

18 hours ago

UC Merced Finally Annexed Into City Limits After Two Decades

20 hours ago

Donors Challenged Fresno Pacific to Match Their $1.5M Gift. Was the Goal Reached?

20 hours ago

Garlic, Curry, Fresh Corn – Would You Scream for This Ice Cream?

21 hours ago

Meet Po: A Gentle Superhero Looking for a Home