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Seattle Police Who Fired Pepper Spray, Blast Balls on BLM Protesters Violated Order, Judge Says

[aggregation-styles] USA Today A federal judge held the Seattle Police Department and the city in contempt of court Monday for violating an order to stop the "indiscriminate" use of pepper spray and pepper-filled "blast balls" during Black Lives Matter protests. U.S. District Judge Richard Jones reviewed four protests in August...

Canada’s Trudeau Wades in on Indian Farmers’ Protests, Sparking Accusations of Meddling

[aggregation-styles] South China Morning Post Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s remarks on India’s handling of farmers’ protests have sparked debate, with politicians in the South Asian country criticising him for meddling in their internal affairs, but Sikh-Canadians praising the leader for raising the issue. Growers from India’s northern farming states,...