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How Much Did Interest Groups Pay per Vote? The Answer, as We Break Down the Midterms With Data.

Ballot propositions are an expensive business in California. In the lead-up to November’s election, advocates spent an eye-popping $409 million for or against 11 ballot measures. Among these were a mix of earnest policy initiatives of broad public interests (say, making daylight saving time permanent) and narrow proposals that sought to...

Dialysis Companies Spend $111 Million to Kill Prop. 8

SACRAMENTO — Dialysis companies have contributed an extraordinary $111 million and counting to defeat a California ballot initiative that would cap their profits, the most any one side has spent on a U.S. ballot issue since at least 2002. A $5 million donation this week from dialysis provider Fresenius Medical...

Commentary: Two Arcane Ballot Measures Show Need for Reform

There’s a symbiotic relationship between two of the 11 statewide ballot measures facing voters next month, Propositions 8 and 11. Both would have voters decide very narrow union-management conflicts in two relatively small medical service sectors — with sponsors of both claiming that passage would reduce health care costs. And...