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How Much Did Interest Groups Pay per Vote? The Answer, as We Break Down the Midterms With Data.

Ballot propositions are an expensive business in California. In the lead-up to November’s election, advocates spent an eye-popping $409 million for or against 11 ballot measures. Among these were a mix of earnest policy initiatives of broad public interests (say, making daylight saving time permanent) and narrow proposals that sought to...

California Ballot Initiative Seeks to End High-Speed Rail

SACRAMENTO — Opponents of the California gas tax increase passed by state legislators last year on Tuesday proposed a new ballot measure for 2020 to provide money for road repairs and eliminate the state's $77 billion high-speed rail project. The backers of the 2020 measure are also behind Proposition 6,...

Did State Workers Help Pro-Gas Tax Effort? Watchdog Investigates.

SACRAMENTO — California's campaign watchdog said Wednesday it is investigating whether a campaign to preserve the state's recent gas tax hike violated finance rules. The Fair Political Practices Commission will look into a complaint filed by the opposing campaign that alleges state employees distributed fliers urging voters to keep the...