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Opinion: The Lilliputian at Lincoln’s Feet

A chilling visual from protests in our nation’s capital was the sight, captured by journalist Martha Raddatz, of what looked like a military occupation of the Lincoln Memorial, with Americans protesting police killings of African-Americans prevented from accessing the hallowed ground of the memorial. The fact that it is a monument...

After NAACP Workshop, Fresno Agrees to Police Commission

The Fresno City Council will form a Commission on Police Reform. That announcement by council president Miguel Arias came after the Fresno State chapter of the NAACP presented a new and updated list of demands to City Hall and the police department. The campus group — which came to the...

California Affirmative Action Vote Prompts 'Tough' Debate

SACRAMENTO — The California Assembly on Wednesday decided to let voters choose whether to overturn the state's 24-year-old ban of affirmative action programs — capping an emotional hours-long debate in the Legislature that highlighted tension between the state's Asian and black communities. The proposed amendment to the state's Constitution, which...