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Unconditional Support for Israel May Silence Israeli Voices, Warns Gideon Levy



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In a talk at a conference at the National Press Club in 2015, Gideon Levy, a renowned columnist for the Israeli daily Haaretz, expressed his concerns about the potential dangers of unconditional support for Israel. Levy, a Tel Aviv native with a rich history in Israeli politics, has been a vocal critic of the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza for over two decades.

Levy drew parallels between the Israeli and US political systems, suggesting that both have strayed from the democratic ideals they purport to uphold. He highlighted the stark contrast between the comfortable lives of Israelis and the ongoing conflict just a short distance away, a reality he believes most Israelis choose to ignore.

According to Levy, the societal fabric of Israel is deteriorating, with little hope for internal reform. He suggested that the Israeli democracy serves its Jewish citizens well, but only if their views align with the majority. This, he warns, could lead to the silencing of dissenting Israeli voices.

Levy ended his talk on a somber note, stating that many Israelis have lost hope in their country and are now looking towards Western Europe and the United States for a beacon of hope. His remarks underscore the need for a more nuanced and critical approach to supporting Israel, one that takes into account the diverse voices within the country.

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