Wondering when your coronavirus stimulus check will arrive? You’re not alone.

Reports that $1,200 federal stimulus checks would begin arriving this week have prompted people to frantically check their online bank balances — sometimes several times an hour.

According to the Twitter hastag #Stimuluscheck, there’s a lot of anxiety, and confusion, over the timing of the stimulus checks being sent to millions of Americans.

$1,200 Checks to Individuals

The stimulus checks are part of the federal CARES Act passed by Congress to help stabilize the economy during the coronavirus pandemic. Under the law, eligible Americans are set to receive up to $1,200 each, subject to income limits, and an additional $500 for each eligible child under their care.

Initial news reports indicated the first checks would arrive via direct deposit as early as April 9. Since then, the timeline for the money has shifted to next week.

According to social media posts, stimulus check deposits have been initiated by the IRS but it appears the money can’t yet be accessed. A number of Twitter users say their bank accounts show “pending” transfers from the government.

This tracks with reporting by Politico that the Treasury Department was expected to begin notifying banks of the incoming payments Friday. The process takes a few business days to complete, meaning the money would finally become available to spend mid-week.

A Treasury Department spokesperson said 50 to 70 million Americans will receive direct deposit payments into their bank accounts by April 15. Electronic checks are being sent first to those who have previously provided their banking information to the IRS through their most recent tax returns.

Taxpayers who have, instead, received tax refunds or made tax due payments by paper check, will get their stimulus checks in the mail. That could mean some people might not receive the money until as late as September.

IRS Launches Online Registration Tools

However, the IRS is working to activate an online tool for people who would like to update their records with direct deposit information to speed delivery of their coronavirus check into their bank accounts. The tool is called Get My Payment and the IRS says it will be up and running no later than April 17.

People can also use the Get My Payment link it to check the status of their coronavirus stimulus check. The IRS is encouraging the public to check back often for updates.

For those who were not required to file tax returns in 2018 or 2019, the IRS has launched a similar web tool to determine eligibility and register for the stimulus check. The ‘Non-Filers’ tool is available now.

Providing banking information during the registration process will allow the government to complete an electronic funds transfer. The portal includes additional information on who should use it and how to complete the registration process.

People who receive Social Security retirement or disability benefits or Railroad Retirement benefits will receive their stimulus check the same way they receive those existing payments.

This story has been updated.

165 Responses

  1. Frustrated

    Stimulus check in my bank account but is pending until April 15th…. Why not have put in in on the 15th when it it was accessible?,, like hanging a piece of meat just high enough for your dog not being able to get it.. lol

    • Deborah

      Why not be thankful that you got it instead of complaining about waiting a few day’s. So ungrateful

      • Rob Bromley

        Deborah, the fact that a banking institution would hold a guaranteed government check for that period of time during a pandemic is inexcusable and is second only to your lack of compassion.



      • ShaNetra

        Some ppl still waiting and lost there homes lost everything still no check

    • Eagerly Awaiting

      I hear you Frustrated, we are in the same boat. Like the analogy – that IS how it feels! We don’t like either, but we assumed the banks are holding the funds so they can get the interest off of it to help them cover those PPP loans (Payroll Potection Program Loans). I know we will all be grateful when the money comes through – only one more day!

      • Tim

        This seems to be becoming pretty common. The deposit was pending for two days then disappeared. When you go on to track it you dont even exist suddenly.

      • Shanna

        Having the same problem it disappeared from my account too. Did you ever receive it? Called bank they don’t know what’s going on.

    • Eric

      How did you know it was pending? Mine said it was supposed to be deposited yesterday, but still haven’t seen anything, can you help?

      • jeanette

        Mine says was deposited on 4/15 but nothing in my account. When I called the bank they said they haven’t received anything. Have you received your payment?

    • Amanda

      My stimulas was received yesterday the 16 but my balance shows $0 I try to talk to a representative for the emerald green card call volumes still high so can’t talk to no one the automated voice says for more info check get my payment so I do the reply I got was my stimulas was scheduled for deposit on the 15 so I’m tryin not to complain n wait but I have bills n three children n my mom I’m providing for it would be nice to get my money now.

      • Chris

        Mine says “scheduled for deposit on the 15” and still havent got it either.

      • Rob

        I am having the exact same problem. With the emerald card. When I checked the my payment it said deposited on the 15th. Now it changed to scheduled for deposit the 24th. But h&r block says they received it. But I can’t talk to a rep because it kicks me off due to call volume. So confusing.

    • Fern

      Me too the money was pending For two days and said to hit today on the 3rd and i went to check and the entire pending statement and check had disappeared.

  2. Susan

    Can someone tell me why it’s only 1200.00 and not showing 500.00 for my kids . I’m so confused is that separate ? If not who do I contact

    • Christen

      same here.. we file married joint and our pending deposit is missing one of us and a kid.. it is only half right now

      • Jo

        Same with me I can’t figure out why though….did you get any information on what’s going on?

      • Hunter

        Same for my wife and I. Received $1,450 or half of what we should have received..

      • Meghan Mecham

        We had half of ours show up today. Has anyone been able to find their other half yet?

      • Hailey Brown

        That’s the same as ours! We only got $1450 deposited & it only says my name. & when I checked the status of mine & my husbands, it says they both were deposited yesterday.

      • gp

        it goes off of how much u make they deduct and decrease after a certain amount you probably won’t see more than what they gave you if u r over that amount

      • Henry

        Does urs go on a card from a tax preparer place or ur direct bank account

    • Hannah

      Mine is also half. My husband, myself, and son are receiving $1450 instead of $2900

      • Angie

        Did you figure it out yet? Mine isn’t even half of what we were to receive

      • Jonathan Cooper

        1450 makes no sense at all. I have nothing pending but am gonna be angry if they screw it up. Unless you made over the 150,000 for married filers, which I’d imagine you’d know and wouldn’t be stating what you’re stating if that were the case, but I feel like there will be NO WAY to actually be able to get the rest with the ridiculous number of people that will be trying to do the same thing. Just lost money when they didn’t screw up anyone elses…annoying to the core!

      • Jill Contreras

        Same with us. We should be getting $2900 but its only showing $1450 pending.

      • Stevie

        Have you figured it out yet? I have a pending deposit for the 15th but it’s only for half of what it should be……??

      • David

        Just got a pending for 4/15 entry in our bank for exactly half as well. I’m curious if it’s something to do with the bank or how the IRS is sending it out. I’m sure the full amount will be available on the 15th.

      • Jennifer

        I am assuming it is in 2 parts. I got 1450 too. Should have 2900. I am thinking some this week some next if you take 1450 x 2= 2900. a

        The only thing I can figure

      • Sandy Lambert

        Same here. Should of gotten 2900.00 and it’s only showing $1450.00 posting. If anyone finds out please update me.

      • Jo

        So I called my bank and they said that there is two checks for 1450….idk why they split it in half but glad to know it’s all there. So check with your bank

      • Carrie

        Jo I hope that’s the case and it’s just split in 2 checks. I only received half of mine as well.

    • Darlene

      Susan, I received my stimulus payment today…and it is missing the amount for my dependent also! I’m bummed, but somewhat relieved that it isn’t just me. Maybe it will show up separately :-/

      • Tara

        Darlene I have the same problem. I’m married with 3 boys under 17 of course me and my husband don’t owe child support or anything like that, we were suppose to get 3,900 but they only deposited 1,950. I’m pissed

    • Mecca

      Mine is only saying $1450 when I should be getting $2900 for my husband, myself, and 1 kid. I’m confused too.

      • Lindsey McAlpine

        Same for my family! We are only showing half of what we are supposed to get too!

      • Carianne

        Ours was supposed to be 3900 (2 Adults & 3 children) we only received 1200 last night. Who do we contact to find out where the rest is? Do anyone know?

      • Marie

        Many of us are wondering says pending $2900 come the 15th and only half?? We can’t even get through our bank card it was deposited into emerald card keeps saying high call volumes cant help at this time @5:00 a.m. even?? ‍♀️

      • Jgriff

        R u guys serious? Do you all know how many moving peices went into motion in order for 100 million Americans to suddenly have 1200 wired to their accounts. I think ,and i mean this in the nicest way, but i am so sick of listening to ungrateful people blaming the government rather than Thanking the Administration in rolling out your stimulus checks within a week. Not one of you guys have said anything positive. While your refusing to go back to work, why not research how the French, The Russians, etc.. are doing on their stimulus or free money? So be greatful, Americans are so spoiled in these situations. Sorry but it’s so true.

      • Amelia

        Hello! My name is Amelia and my husband and I are only now receiving our stimulus. We updated banking info on the portal on 4/16 and until this weekend, we hasn’t updated to a deposit date. We finally received a notice from our bank that a deposit of $1,450 was pending for Wednesday, but that’s only half. No garnishments. Did you ever get your other half? I hope so… And thank you for replying, if you do.

      • gina

        I believe you would get half as your husband will get the other half.

    • Alex Demianiuk

      Susan, we are having the same issue. Our stimulus checks for my wife and I are showing 2,400. However, we have two children and there is no addition 1,000 for them. Is anyone else having this issue? Not sure who to contact about this.

      • Dena

        Mine is the same. I have 2295 pending for me and my husband but do not have the $1500 for our three children… 🙁

      • Nicole Walsh

        I have the same problem. I’m not sure what is going on. I’m supposed to get 1700.00 I received 1210.00

    • Dixie Chamblee

      Mine is the same way and I have qualifying children as well under the age of 16.. 3 of them and did not get the $500 I know they qualify because I’m a single mom on a low income and I claim them each year.

    • Thao

      Same thing here. They only cover 1 one my child. I guess they dont cover my other child born april 9,2019.

  3. Mary

    I filed taxes but cant figure out how to update my bank info cause i now have a bank account how can i get this directly d3pisited now as well aa my tax return

    • Jackie fleury

      I got a paper check in the mail for my tax return but I have a bank account now. I want my stimulus check to go to my bank account

      • Randy Reed

        The story has now been updated with information on how to register your bank account with the IRS.

  4. Jessiva

    I haven’t recieved anything. And nothing is pending in my account, does that mean they aren’t sending mines

  5. Mar

    Why are elderly dependents and the disabled not receiving stimulus money? If these individuals don’t make enough money to live on their own, they should receive a stimulus check.

    See story below:
    NBC News: Falling through the cracks: Many Americans won’t get coronavirus checks
    NBC News: Falling through the cracks: Many Americans won’t get coronavirus checks.

  6. Mar

    Why are elderly dependents and the disabled not receiving stimulus money? If these individuals don’t make enough money to live on their own, they should receive a stimulus check.

    • Kimberly Ann Ragsdale

      The disabled are receiving it but dependents are not because they figure if you are being supported by someone else then why should you get extra money… Idk how they figured it but I do believe that was their line of thinking.

  7. Luz

    My stimulus check was deposited yesterday and today it is gone! What happen to it? I’m so confused and nervous!

    • Terrance

      Same deposited on the 15 I call the bank they said there is nothing there I don’t know what’s going on

    • Jaclyn KurrSanchez

      Mine was the same way. My payment said I would get it on the 29th of April. Upon checking it, it was pending. Less than 24 hrs later it had disappeared.

  8. Benji

    Because it needs time to process, use your brain. There’s 70 million other people getting it. Dont you think the system is overwhelmed?

  9. Tameka Patterson

    Wow like you know its coming and your still frustrated? Smh why are some of yall so ungrateful. Be blessed and thankful that it is coming and stop complaining like a 2 year old.

  10. Furyosa

    I think if u filed yr taxes n got that extra child credit for a child under six that might be a reason why u only received half n there still gonna deposit more checks between now n wed. By the 15th I haven’t gotten anything yet eithier it’s really dumb they should just send everyone the same amount like 3500 that would be enough to help w a few billz at least it would be the same for everyone but unfortunately that is not the case I wish everyone positive luck .

  11. Terri Fisher

    Our 2018 tax return is pending. I received a letter and have to provide more information. joint income is only $48000 before deductions. We haven’t filed for 2019 until this is resolved. Will our stimulus check be delayed?

    • Mike

      Yes probably so. I know this is unfortunate but you really should have already filed. You can do it by computer.

  12. Nikki

    I filed married but filing separate and I claimed my children. My tax refund was deposited into my joint account with my husband. Will this effect my stimulus?

  13. Daniel Gilliam

    Has anybody figured out the have payment thing yet . We’re married filed joint with one kid and made under 75k but only have a pending deposit of 1450$

  14. Cassidy

    If children dependents qualify for a stimulus check, why don’t disabled adult dependents? They require food, clothing, and shelter just the same. Even if they only get the $500.00 check, that would help.

    My boyfriend of 16 years is disabled but doesn’t get disability because “He’s too young” (37). I provide for him 100%. But he doesn’t qualify for a stimulus check. It would really help us, as we are always pinching pennies.

    • Brittany Adams

      The only way he wouldn’t be able to claim it, is if you claim your husband as a dependent. The requirement is household income and a social security number……. not how you contribute to the household, or else millions of stay at home moms and dads wouldn’t “count”.

  15. Meia

    If I filed through taxslayer and the 2019 refund was deposited through their bank (minus their filing fee) and then deposited into my account what happens? Do I need to do anything else?

    • Shelly

      I’m scared of the same thing. I used TaxSlayer and my money came thru sbtpg

  16. Christopher Cavins

    Does anyone know why we are only getting half of what we are supposed to?

  17. Daniel Barnhill

    I checked my bank account and it said my stimulus check was pending but later that night I checked my bank account again and it didn’t even show it in there at all. Has anyone else have that issue?

    • Katie

      Yes I have had this same issue! It showed up at pending for the 15th on like the 11th or the 12th and when I went to check it today, its no longer there. But I am assuming and praying that its just for processing reasons. I think it will be okay. I am going to call my bank tomorrow to check on it though for sure! That may help

    • Amanda Gill

      Yes that happened to me yesterday on april 13. Checked my account it said pending and by nightfall it had disappeared as if it was never there!!!

      • Brandan

        This just happened to me as well. It showed as pending on the 15th and now it’s gone.

  18. elliot tipps

    I have received a stimulus check aswell. But it is only half. I have 3 kids, 2 of which are my step children. But they live with me.. I’m so confused.. should have been 2900

    • Deb

      I only got half of what I should have also. Keep me updated if you hear anything.

  19. Sean Welsh

    Will my stimulus payment go on my torbocard? Or do i need to update my personal bank info when the option becomes available next week on irs website?

  20. Katie

    Yes I have had this same issue! It showed up at pending for the 15th on like the 11th or the 12th and when I went to check it today, its no longer there. But I am assuming and praying that its just for processing reasons. I think it will be okay. I am going to call my bank tomorrow to check on it though for sure! That may help

  21. Jackie Farrell

    I’m having the same issue. We should’ve received $3900 for myself, my husband and 3 children but exactly half of that is pending $1950. Which is odd…. hope they fix it

    • Abe

      Same, I only received 1950, I have myself and my wife with three children. Sucks to know that people around me are still working and getting their 1200, while I’ve been out of work for 6 weeks…..something is something i guess.

  22. Travs

    Did anyone figure out why some people are only getting half of what they are supposed to get? I was supposed to get 2900 but only got 1450. If anyone can answer this please do. Thank you.

    • Jo

      My bank told me that I had two checks for 1450 idk why they split it so maybe that’s what’s going on with you.

  23. Abe

    I posted earlier that I only got half, I just checked and it is two payments. So if you got half do not worry, it will be in two payments.

    • magdalena

      How long did it take for you to see that the other half was there? How long was your processing time? Or was it that the bank just had to allow the other half through?

    • Cody

      Were did you find this info. I too only received exactly half. And i can not find out what is going on. And did it say as to when the second half would be deposited.

  24. Dena

    Is there anyone who did not receive their kids portion of the stimulus check? I received it for me and my husband, but not my children…. I was hoping it would have been in there today, but it isn’t.

  25. Iris Maldonado

    I received my stimulus check on Monday the 13th. for $1200 and I was was to get $2900. My husband and I filed a joint return and we claimed my son. Has anyone found out what is going on?

  26. Brandie

    The IRS S tool says my payment was sent to my bank today, but I have NO pending transactions? Why is this? Shouldn’t it be pending in the account if it was deposited today?

  27. Bran

    The IRS tool says my check will be
    deposited today , but My bank is showing NO pending transactions. Anyone else had this happen? Do you know why it is not showing anything pending if it was to be deposited today?

    • Eddie

      Mine says the same thing and chase said all deposits were made for this week

    • Kassandra

      Hello, my name is Kassandra, I was on a site where I saw your post about the stimulus check, as well as others. I noticed yours was to be dd on the 15th and u still haven’t received it. It is now April 24, 2020 and was wondering if u received it and if u know anything about the delay? The irs wheres my payment said mine would be dd on April 22, 2020 its now April 24, 2020 and still nothing. Can u please email me back and let me know if u got yours now? If u know what the delay is? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  28. RaQuell Houston

    I have been having a problem with the IRS stating that my funds are pending to an account that I have no knowledge of and it’s also the last 4 digits of my social. Like what’s up with that?

  29. Aundrea

    I got an email alert saying a deposit was made for $1,700. Checked my bank account and there was absolutely nothing.

  30. Mike

    I do not have any child support, only my wife’s student loans. I still only received half my stimulus, 1450 instead of 2900. I thought only cs was a factor at this time.

  31. Marie

    Cs is the only factor Depart of Ed for student loans has nothing to do with stimulus check trust me I’m in the same vote called to verify more than once…also ALL OFFSETS GARNISHMENTS FROM EMPLOYERS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED THROUGH SEPT SO OK TO FILE TAXES 2019 so if you filed after march 20 got a refund and was only half the other half is going to be refunded and questions call Dept of Ed default 1-800-621-3115 Good Luck!!

  32. Bran

    Anyone with META that had a scheduled dd for Wednesday the 16th receive the deposit into their acct yet? Irs tool said scheduled dd for Wednesday but still nothing in my acct.

    • Anica P

      Yes I’m with Meta Bank “flare”” and when I checked IRS it said deposited on 15th, and still nothing from my bank. I called them and nothing is pending. I told my bank IRS site says contact bank, they claim it could be I clearing process and could take 3-5days. But wasn’t sure???

  33. Sharon

    It would be nice, website says it will be deposited into my bank account on 4/15 but there are still no pending transactions.

  34. Jeanette

    My payment says my check was deposited on April 15, 2020 but I have no pending transactions. When I called the bank they said they haven’t received it. What is going on?

  35. jeanette

    Mine says was deposited on 4/15 but nothing in my account. When I called the bank they said they haven’t received anything. Have you received your payment?

  36. Lorraine

    Get my payment showed dd for April 15 with the last four numbers of my acct. Nothing showed up in the bank so I gave them extra time for processing and still today nothing called the bank they said to get the trace # for the deposit so it can be located

    • Aimee

      How do you get the trace #? Mine was supposed to be dd may 13 but still nothing, the bank says they don’t have it. Please help?

  37. Mike

    Has anyone received their remaining half of the stimulus? I received half (1450) of what should have been 2900 on April 15. Still waiting for the rest to show up. No letters explaining anything have come in the mail. And we dont have any child support which was supposed to be the only reason for getting half.

    • Meghan Mecham

      Finally did get the other half of ours… came as a check. We filed through Jackson Hewitt and applied for the advance so it showed 2 bank accounts one was ours the other was the bank Hewitt uses for the advance so half was sent there and they cut us the check for the other half….hope this helps?

      • Linda Tatro

        How long did it take to get the other half?

    • Tara

      Hi mike this happened to me to. I’m suppose to get 3,900 for me my husband and 3 boys but they only deposited 1,950 I don’t understand why. And we owe nothing also and we haven’t received a letter explaining why. I feel ur irritation because I am to.

  38. Gene Curran

    I put my banking info into system on Monday and it says it will be mailed on May 1st.. Dod my deposit info go through?

  39. Oel

    Only got half of what im supposed to get 1450 was deposited april 30 so when can i expect the other half ?

  40. Richard

    Got my stimulas check but the first name wasn’t mine. My wife’s was correct on the same check. What do I do to correct this so I can use the money?

  41. A nnie

    My stimulus has been deposited. It has given me the last four digits of account number which it deposited into. I do not know what bank it is accociated with?

  42. Walt

    I submitted my banking information around April 14th and approximately 2 days later got a scheduled deposit date for April 30th it’s now the 12th of may and no letter no stimulas and no deposits… This is fricken frustrating as heck because everyone in my community has received their already

  43. Dee

    It’s not fair .. why does child support take all that money.. I need I can’t afford to pay child support and my bills .. how I’m I suppose to survive??

  44. Erica

    Has anyone received the stimulus in their account if they had a DD that was passed due? On “Get My Payment” it says it’s scheduled to be deposited on May 13th. It is now the 15th and nothing in my account, nothing pending. I called the bank, they said they haven’t received it. I’d be less stressed if I knew someone got it after their DD date. Please let me know. Thank you!

  45. Lorine

    How do you get ahold of the IRS to get your tracking number I can’t get through anywhere on any of the numbers I called does anyone have any email address I can write to contact them to find out where my payment is it said it was supposed to be deposited on the 29th of April but yet my bank says they’ve still not received it and then I need the tracking ID number from the IRS can someone please help me I really need this money I have to pay bills and buy food for my kids

  46. Jesse

    I’m still waiting on my paper check and it was scheduled to be sent on the 15th

  47. Tierney

    Why should you get the money instead of paying child support? If you owe child support, it will go to them and not to you, as your the adult. Your children need the money as they can’t pay for themselves. Be an adult instead of acting like the child!!!

  48. Jason

    I’m on disability and have a rep payee. I just learned my payment will be here on the 3rd of june. But it has a bank acct it says it’s going to when in fact I definitely left the bank info blank on the easy filers tool. Plus I do not know the acct number it’s showing. Could this mean my check is coming on a card or should I be concerned. I filed my non-disabiled kids moms payment and says hers will be coming to her address as I filed ours the same but seperate.

  49. Lori Payne-Pecor

    I have had the status “eligible and will be deposited to my account” now for weeks. I still have not gotten my stimulus money. There is no date provided as to when I should expect the deposit.

  50. Zed

    well…….. apparently i`m not getting mine . i hear nothing about it, filled out the crap for it….. im almost 100% convinced its all just a load of trump…. liveing on the street isnt easy but what would those crack headed big wigs know about that? they where handed everything they had for most there lives. ill keep my fingers crossed but i wont hold my breath for it to actually come in at all.


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