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At Lewis Funeral, Obama Calls for Renewing Voting Rights Act

ATLANTA — Former President Barack Obama used Rep. John Lewis’ funeral on Thursday to issue a stark warning that the voting rights and equal opportunity the late civil rights icon championed are threatened heading into the 2020 election. Speaking from the pulpit of the church that Martin Luther King Jr....

Proposed Ballot Measure Would Let California Parolees Vote

SACRAMENTO — Tens of thousands of parolees would be allowed to vote under a state constitutional amendment proposed Monday by California's secretary of state and Democratic lawmakers who called it the next civil rights issue. The proposal intended for the 2020 ballot would help nearly 50,000 felons who have served...

Ballot Measures: Florida OK’s Restoring Felons’ Voting Rights

NEW YORK — Potentially altering the election landscape in a key swing state, Florida voters Tuesday approved a ballot measure that will enable more than 1 million ex-felons to regain their voting rights. Floridians also approved a measure aimed at phasing out greyhound racing in the state, the last stronghold...