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Palestinian Teen Returns Home, Recaps Details of His Experience in an Israeli Jail



Shadi Khoury, 16, says he was repeatedly beaten and humiliated at the hands of Israeli guards. (GVWire Illustration/David Rodriguez)
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A 16-year-old Palestinian boy recently returned home after 41 days in an Israeli jail, just in time to help his parents decorate before Christmas.

According to reporters, Shadi Khoury was arrested the police beat him after he refused to undress in their presence. After that, they forcibly dragged him, bound and blindfolded, to their van leaving a trail of blood on the floor. A CT scan conducted only after his release revealed that his nose had been broken.

Finally released to house arrest–by order of the Supreme Court–Shadi told reporters about repeatedly being beaten and humiliated by the hands of the Israeli guards, all while being questioned about his alleged role in a stone-throwing incident. He said they would call him “the Christian” to insult him.