Clovis police have made arrests in connection with a home invasion robbery they say was carried out by men armed with semi-automatic handguns, including some with laser sights.

Four robbery suspects are in custody, as well as a female accomplice, according to a Clovis Police Department Facebook post. One of the male suspects was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport, authorities said.

One additional robbery suspect has been identified and is expected to be arrested in the coming days, the department said.

The robbery took place on the morning of Dec. 11 at an apartment near Clovis and Santa Ana avenues, officials said. The victim was “hog tied” wit zip ties during the incident as the suspects stole a large quantity of marijuana vape pens valued at approximately $64,000, according to the post. The suspects also took cash and other property belonging to the victim, police said.

Through their investigation, Clovis police say they determined that the robbery suspects were given a key to the apartment by an accomplice who used to live in the unit.

Handguns and Ammunition Seized

Four men and one woman have been take into custody. Detectives also recovered the stolen property and seized five handguns, ammunition, zip ties, and additional evidence, authorities said.

Police identified the male suspects as 18-year-olds Jaan Pinedo, and Angel Ramirez of Fresno, 19-year old John Searless of Fresno, and 22-year-old Jonathan Simmavong of Clovis. They have been booked into jail on felony charges including robbery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault with a firearm, and conspiracy, according to officials.

The woman who allegedly provided the apartment key has been identified as 19-year-old Brianna Houston of Fresno. She was booked into jail on charges of conspiracy, robbery, and false imprisonment, police said.

Clovis PD said the fifth male suspect they have identified faces charges including robbery, false imprisonment, and conspiracy.

(Top L to R) Suspects Jaan Pinedo, Angel Ramirez, and Jonathan Simmavong. (Bottom L to R) Suspects John Searless and Brianna Houston (Clovis Police Dept. via Facebook)

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