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Some Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Delivered, IRS Says. How to Make Sure You Get Yours.



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Wondering when your coronavirus stimulus check will arrive? You’re not alone. The IRS said Saturday the first round of payments have been delivered and more are on the way.

Reports that the $1,200 federal stimulus checks would begin arriving soon prompted people to frantically check their online bank balances — sometimes several times an hour.

According to the Twitter hastag #Stimuluscheck, there’sa lot of anxiety, and confusion, over the timing of the stimulus checks being sent to millions of Americans.

$1,200 Checks to Individuals

The stimulus checks are part of the federal CARES Act passed by Congress to help stabilize the economy during the coronavirus pandemic. Under the law, eligible Americans are set to receive up to $1,200 each, subject to income limits, and an additional $500 for each eligible child under their care.

Initial news reports indicated the first checks would arrive via direct deposit as early as April 9. Then, the timeline for the money shifted to next week.

According to social media posts, stimulus check deposits were initiated by the IRS but it appeared the money couldn’t yet be accessed. A number of Twitter users said on Friday their bank accounts showed “pending” transfers from the government.

But, on Saturday, the IRS said checks have now been deposited for many recipients. In a Twitter post, an official IRS account posted, “ deposited the first Economic Impact Payments into taxpayers’ bank accounts today.”

A Treasury Department spokesperson said 50 to 70 million Americans will receive direct deposit payments into their bank accounts by April 15. Electronic checks are being sent first to those who have previously provided their banking information to the IRS through their most recent tax returns.

Taxpayers who have, instead, received tax refunds or made tax due payments by paper check, will get their stimulus checks in the mail. That could mean some people might not receive the money until as late as September.

IRS Launches Online Registration Tools

However, the IRS is working to activate an online tool for people who would like to update their records with direct deposit information to speed delivery of their coronavirus check into their bank accounts. The tool is called Get My Payment and the IRS says it will be up and running no later than April 17.

People can also use the Get My Payment link it to check the status of their coronavirus stimulus check. The IRS is encouraging the public to check back often for updates.

For those who were not required to file tax returns in 2018 or 2019, the IRS has launched a similar web tool to determine eligibility and register for the stimulus check. The ‘Non-Filers’ tool is available now.

Providing banking information during the registration process will allow the government to complete an electronic funds transfer. The portal includes additional information on who should use it and how to complete the registration process.

People who receive Social Security retirement or disability benefits or Railroad Retirement benefits will receive their stimulus check the same way they receive those existing payments.

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