For the third straight year, City Hall and Fresno Unified School District will partner to open up pools and school fields during the summer.

The city will provide staff for the parks and pools; the district provides the facilities.

Fresno Unified Superintendent Bob Nelson called it a “true partnership.”

“The taxpayers provided the amenity, the taxpayers get to enjoy that amenity year round,” Nelson said.

Blue Space and Green Space

“The taxpayers provided the amenity, the taxpayers get to enjoy that amenity year round.”Fresno Unified Superintendent Bob Nelson

Nelson also said the schools will provide free meals and library access to 40 schools.

“We have made your summer for you, providing a wide range of opportunities to do good things that will keep your mind expanded, and your body refreshed and fit,” Nelson added.

Nearly 10,000 children swam at the school pools last summer, a number city and school officials hope gets eclipsed.

Starting next Monday, the pools at Roosevelt, Bullard, Sunnyside, Edison, Hoover, and Fresno high schools will be open for community swimming and lessons.

The cost is $2 for adults and $1 for kids. Weekends are free.

In addition, 14 Fresno Unified schools will be open for playground use.

While the city’s retained its partnership with Fresno Unified, there is no similar arrangement with Clovis Unified. Also, the city does have swim lessons at the pool at the Central High School east campus in Central Unified.

Splash Parks Update

City spokesman Mark Standriff said two of the city’s seven splash pads at local parks are still closed, but they hope to have them returned to service “ASAP.”

Mosqueda Center in southeast Fresno, as well as Inspiration Park in west Fresno, have no timetable to reopen.

Standriff says the problem is with the system that disinfects the recycled water.


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