County Hopes Text Messages Will Help Defendants Show Up

A new text message service in Fresno County aims to ensure clients represented by the public defender's office show up in court. Listen to this article:

Epstein Accuser Sues as Questions Swirl About His Death

NEW YORK — Jail guards on duty the night Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself are suspected of falsifying log entries to show they were checking on inmates every half-hour as required, according to a person familiar with the investigation into the financi...
Photo of convicted Missouri poacher David Berry

Best Punishment for Poacher? Make Him Watch ‘Bambi’ in Jail.

OZARKS, Mo. — A Missouri poacher has been ordered to repeatedly watch the movie "Bambi" as part of his sentence in a scheme to illegally kill hundreds of deer. David Berry Jr. was ordered to watch the Disney classic at least once a month during his year-lon...
Prisoner hands gripping jail cell bars

Police Lineups Are Flawed. Can They Be Fixed?

Police lineups are a staple element of crime shows on TV and in the movies. An eyewitness, behind one-way glass, pointing out a criminal suspect among a group of four or five decoys standing along a wall at police headquarters makes for a highly dramatic momen...