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Law Pushed by Democrats Will Force You Into Buses, Van Pools, and High Rises

There is growing bipartisan opposition to a law bearing down on all Californians on July 1 that will bring “economic devastation” in the words of one Central Valley state senator. The law attempts to force new home buyers out of cars, and into buses, vanpools, mass transit, and high-rise buildings...

Clint Olivier's New Gig Is With BizFed Central Valley

BizFed Central Valley has hired former Fresno City Councilman Clint Olivier to lead efforts to promote legislation and public policy boosting the region's economy. “Our grassroots network of diverse business networks will be well served by Clint’s skills and passion for politics and communication," founding BizFed CEO Tracy Hernandez said...

BizFed's Wish List for Newsom: Help on Water, Taxes, Immigration

Gov. Gavin Newsom should focus on water access and reliability, taxes, and immigration, according to a poll of BizFed Central Valley members. The other two areas of critical concern were government regulations and compliance, along with taxes and fees, the organization said in a news release Monday. This was the first...