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Ashley Swearengin Joins Caltrans for Virtual Town Hall on VMT Plan

The first words on the Governor's Office of Planning and Research (OPR) virtual town hall announcement tell the story. "Taking full effect this summer, SB 743 will ensure that new development projects are built in a way that allows Californians to drive less." OPR and Caltrans will host the town...

VMT Opponents Say Plan Is Tax on Car-Driving Commuters

A coalition of 30 business and industry associations have asked Gov. Gavin Newsom to delay a controversial plan affecting new development for one year. Among the groups: the Southern California Leadership Council, LA County Economic Development Corp., California Business Roundtable, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and California Building Industry Association....

Law Pushed by Democrats Will Force You Into Buses, Van Pools, and High Rises

There is growing bipartisan opposition to a law bearing down on all Californians on July 1 that will bring “economic devastation” in the words of one Central Valley state senator. The law attempts to force new home buyers out of cars, and into buses, vanpools, mass transit, and high-rise buildings...