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First Air Taxi Test Flight Takes Off from Tampa International Airport



Tampa International Airport (TIA) pioneers Florida's first 'air taxi' test flight, a Volocopter creation aiming to ease urban transport. (AP/YouTube)
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Tampa International Airport has become the first in Florida to host a test flight for an ‘air taxi’, marking a significant step towards a new era of urban transportation. The air taxi, developed by private firm Volocopter, is designed to bypass traffic congestion and provide quick intra-city travel.

The air taxi, a hybrid of a drone and a helicopter, is electric and can accommodate a few passengers. It is intended for short to medium distance travel, such as from TIA to Clearwater or Orlando. The cost and availability of the service are yet to be determined, but the aim is to make it accessible to all.

Volocopter plans to launch commercial flights in Paris by the 2024 Olympics, while TIA anticipates offering flights by 2025 or 2026. TIA officials have assured potential passengers of the safety of the air taxis, stating that they will meet the highest safety standards once FAA-certified.

The introduction of air taxis could also contribute to reducing carbon emissions from the aviation industry.

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