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George W. Bush for Speaker? A Democratic Lawmaker Thinks It’s Possible



On Forbes Newsroom, Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman suggested ex-President George W. Bush for Speaker of the House. (Shutterstock)
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In a recent interview on Forbes Newsroom, U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-California) suggested the possibility of former President George W. Bush taking on the role of Speaker of the House.

Despite his reservations about Bush’s handling of the Iraq War, Sherman believes that a moderate Republican like Bush could be a viable candidate that Democrats could collaborate with, as opposed to the extreme Republicans who have been obstructing significant legislation.

Sherman expressed his disapproval of far-right Rep. Jim Jordan, the Republican Party’s preferred candidate, stating that he would be one of the worst possible choices for Speaker. However, he also noted that Jordan’s potential failure could be politically advantageous for Democrats.

The Republicans are struggling to elect a new Speaker since the ouster of Rep. Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield. Their initial choice, Rep. Steve Scalise, withdrew his candidacy shortly after being selected in a private meeting. Now, despite being the chosen candidate of the House Republican Conference, Jordan is facing resistance from moderate Republicans.

Although Bush has not held an elected position since 2009 and is not currently a member of Congress, he is still eligible for the role of Speaker. The position does not require membership in the House of Representatives.

Some on the right suggested immediately after McCarthy’s dismissal that House Republicans should elect former President Donald Trump as Speaker.

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