The city of Clovis is easing COVID-era restrictions as the pandemic eases.

“Our community has done a great job because we trusted them to do a great job (on the pandemic) and they did.” — Clovis Mayor Jose Flores

At its meeting on Monday night, the City Council voted to repeal five orders covering the stay-at-home requirements, price gouging, RV parking restrictions, waiving of bus fares and the city’s enforcement of such orders.

The COVID emergency declaration and several other policies remain in place.

The vote was 4-0, with Councilwoman Lynne Ashbeck absent.

Fresno County is in the orange tier, after months in the more restrictive purple tier.

Orders Redundant, City Manager Says

“Some of the orders that we adopted literally a year ago or more are no longer needed,” City Manager Luke Serpa told the council. “It’s no longer an issue or it has been made redundant in other ways.”

The spike in price gouging has subsided, workers are no longer using RVs parked in their driveways to quarantine, and the council already passed a permanent bus fare waiver, Serpa said.

The rescinding of stay-at-home and local enforcement orders is more of a technical change. The order allowed the city to bypass warnings and escalating fines for potential violators.  Such steps will now be reinstated, Sepra said.

The city is still waiting for orders from the state, specifically Cal OSHA, on guidelines to fully reopen City Hall.

“As long they are in fear … and they don’t believe in science, they’ll continue doing what they’re doing,” Mayor Jose Flores said.

Despite the city rescinding orders, state mandates are still in place.

Fresno County COVID Figures

As of Tuesday morning, there were 101,405 reported cases of the pandemic and 1,678 deaths for Fresno County since the pandemic’s inception last year. More than 263,011 county residents are fullly vaccinated.

In Clovis, the totals are 8,100 cases and 160 deaths. The rate of infection has declined rapidly since December.

Flores praised Clovis residents for helping lowering the infection rate.

“Our community has done a great job because we trusted them to do a great job and they did. They know what they need to do to keep themselves healthy, their families healthy, and our community healthy,” Flores said. “I want to praise our citizens because the numbers show it. It’s not (that) the science shows it.”

4 Responses

  1. Steve

    Better late than never? Considering the fact that the “15 days to flatten the curve” of hospitizations was never needed in the first place; it took these people over a year to figure out all of the numbers were bullshit from the very beginning. They did finally admit the overstatment of death counts and case totals, but continued to use the FAKE numbers to create panic in society. If they ever pushed back against Dr. Newsome, they did it so quietly that nobody heard it. So, I give them no credit at all. But if you’re comparing them to the Fresno City Council and both Mayors, Clovis City Council is the bees knees!!! What is maddening is that the Clovis Mayor was talking about the lack of “science”……there has NEVER been any science used by the dictatorial politicians and the WORTHLESS bureaucrats known as Public Health Officials. They kept saying it was based in “science”, but would never provide that science. This coronvirus was deadly only to a very specific group of people, who would have been easily protected while we figured out the best way the treat this China Virus. 15 days to flatten the curve, turned into “15 Months to Flatten the Economy”. Every politician and bureaucrat who pushed this destruction on us, should be in jail for a VERY long time.

    • Paul

      You so absolutely right Steve!. This virus supposedly killed more Americans than WWII, but hey it’s all fake numbers. Its just a massive conspiracy to shut down the economy so doctors can, what, make more money? Or the politicians who said to shut down the economy, because nothing guarantee’s a politician’s reelection than a recession, right? Just a massive, massive conspiracy that somehow every medical person in the country supported for some reason. I mean screw the people with dead mothers, fathers, grandparents or children. They were just “a specific group of people”. You are so right! You’re still alive, so to hell with anyone else.

  2. Mark Sutton

    It is obvious that this “crisis” has been riddled with misinformation and confusion. Unfortunately once politicians became involved in making personal choice decisions for the public and the media fanned the flames of panic, we allowed ourselves to be controlled. People panicked and lost track of the fact there was less than a .5% chance of dying from the China virus. It’s time people took their lives and freedoms back and took responsibility for themselves and not rely on the power centric politicians. It’s time we had public mask burnings and as a group refuse to wear mask or socially distance in public places. Patronize businesses that don’t enforce mask mandates and boycott those that want the mask over your nose. It’s really time for us to take our lives back.

  3. Andrew

    It’s obvious that at long as some individuals think it’s their right to pollute everyone’s air with a fatal illness, that it is also the right of the government and the medical professionals to mandate standards to protect the general public from them. This global pandemic was NOT a lie or hoax, and was one of the worst health situations the US and world has ever encountered. The US has had plenty of deaths from this disease, real people who deserved to live out their lives with their families. How mean of some of you to call for a boycott on businesses in Clovis who heeded the covid guidelines, and lost untold revenues, and perhaps their livelihood itself in order to protect YOU and your loved ones. I will give those folks my business and support as much as I can.


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