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InfoWars Reporter Hailed As a Deep State Victim. The Cops Say She Just Robbed Her Mom.



Photo of crime scene tape
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When InfoWars correspondent Millie Weaver was arrested last week, her supporters claimed she was the victim of a “deep state” prosecution of a truth-telling journalist. By Tuesday afternoon, they had raised more than $170,000 to help her fight the charges.

In reality, Weaver wasn’t some heroine at the vanguard of a fight against nefarious government agents. Instead, she was arrested on charges of robbing her own mother, according to newly released court documents from police and prosecutors. But despite the less dramatic plot, Weaver’s backers are still laying claim to her victimhood status. And she does not appear inclined to give the money back.

On Friday, Weaver livestreamed her arrest at her Ohio home by sheriff’s deputies in Portage County. She claimed she didn’t know why she was being arrested, complained that she had not been warned via the mail that she was about to be indicted, and insisted–as she was being arrested—that she was on the cusp of a major professional moment.

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