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Trump Has Made It Official: He Is the Greatest anti-Semite of Our Age



Photo of President Donald Trump
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If you’re a Jew, you know it the nanosecond you hear it. Anti-Semitism. The real deal.
You can’t help it. You carry the sensors for Jew-hate around with you – the alarm receptors are built into your every cell, coiled into your mitochondria, twist-tied into your DNA. Trip-wires to alert you to the Nazi-worshipper, the Grand Inquisitor, the Klansman, the Christ-avenger.
It all comes down to what you decide to do with the information.
One characteristic of the true anti-Semite is the way in which they’ll test their message, to see how clear and public and how harmful – and in too many recent cases, how deadly – they can get before they’re stopped. The uber-anti-Semite, meantime, tests how far he can go, how high he can climb, the sewage-depth of what he can get away with, straight up against the Jews themselves.

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