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California Should Fight the Ticketmaster Monopoly, Not Embolden It

As elected officials representing many of the same diverse and hardworking communities of the Central Valley, we share state Sen. Anna Cabal...

/ 6 days ago

What’s the Value of a Fresno Unified Diploma When These ‘Classes’ Are as Easy as A-B-C?

A regulation basketball hoop is 10 feet high. Now imagine that, in some high school gyms, it’s been moved down a notch. Then it continues to...

/ 2 weeks ago

Ukraine Faces Its Worst Crisis Since the War Began: BBC’s Jeremy Bowen

Kharkiv, which is Ukraine’s second-largest city and near Russia, is practically defenseless against air attacks, writes BBC internatio...

/ 4 weeks ago

Photo of person standing in front of a Capitol One building in San Francisco

This Is the Rare Financial Merger That Will Help Working People and Small Business

As an advocate for California farmworkers’ rights, I’m urging support for the Capital One-Discover merger. This alliance can del...

/ 4 weeks ago

A Radical Lesson From El Salvador to Solve Fresno Housing & Homeless Crisis

Several months ago, I sat on a bench for 24 hours and had conversations with people about all kinds of topics but mostly about the needs sur...

/ 1 month ago

Hydrogen vs. Electric Batteries: A Case For Fresno’s Transportation & Ag Future

Responses to my recent op-ed, A Sustainable Future for Fresno: Rethinking Our Hydrogen Strategy, opened a local dialogue about hydrogen’s be...

/ 1 month ago

Photo of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s Misguided Gaza Strategy Threatens Israel’s Future: Fareed Zakaria

In Israel, a remarkable shift is underway: Prominent military figures are openly criticizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s appro...

/ 1 month ago

Opinion: How Urban Renewal Ruined Everything

“America can’t build anything,” my co-worker, a talented data scientist from China, remarked as we rode a BART train through a suburb of Oak...

/ 1 month ago

Empowering Education: Join the Fight for California Kids’ Literacy

Dear Friends: The 21st Century Alliance has been at the center of the effort to pass one of the most important education reform bills of the...

/ 1 month ago

Trump Surrogates Make a Dangerous Call for China Regime Change: Fareed Zakaria

These days, the world is on edge. Europe is grappling with its most significant land conflict since 1945, while the Middle East remains embr...

/ 2 months ago

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13 mins ago

Music Record Labels Sue AI Song-Generators Suno and Udio for Copyright Infringement

18 mins ago

California’s Self-Inflicted Fiscal Crisis Produces a Budget Full of Gimmicks and Favors

56 mins ago

Israel’s Use of White Phosphorus in Lebanon Endangers Civilians, HRW Reports

1 hour ago

AWOL Councilmembers Latest Twist in Polarized Parlier Politics

2 hours ago

The Urgent Need to Blow Off Swing Voters

2 hours ago

Today’s Teenagers Have Invented a Language That Captures the World Perfectly