Dog owners who live in unincorporated parts of Fresno County are catching a break: County officials are waiving penalties for those who haven’t licensed their pooches.

Under state law, owners are required to secure a license for a dog within 30 days of ownership. Anyone found owning an unlicensed dog can be fined $100, and there is normally a $10 fee for an overdue license renewal.

However, the county’s Department of Public Health is declaring amnesty for anyone who hasn’t licensed his or her new canine, or failed to renew a license in time.

No penalties will be charged until Oct. 1. Residents can log in and register their pet at The cost is $4 for sterilized dogs and $39 for unsterilized animals.

Some things to remember:

  • Keeping a license up to date means county authorities have contact information that, should the animal become lost, will help reunite you with your pet.
  • Most stray dogs found without a license are not returned to their families.
  • People who live with a city limits should check  with the city’s animal control agency for licensing requirements. If you’re not sure if you live in an unincorporated area, call (559) 600-7387 or email
  • See a full list of no-kill animal shelters in Fresno County here.


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