Who will be No. 2?

While Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom is the strong front-runner for governor in the June 5 primary, based on numerous polls, the race for who will finish second is wide open.

The top two finishers, regardless of political party, face each other in the November general election.

As blue of a state as California is, the two main Republicans in the race fared well in the recent University of California IGS poll.

Businessman John Cox achieved 18%; Assemblyman Travis Allen earned 16%.

The two Republicans sat down with Take 5 to talk about their chances and their views on the future of California.

The Questions

In this double-stuffed edition, we talk about:

— Their views on the gas tax, and how they plan to repeal it.

— How the latest positive poll numbers might propel them to the Governor’s Mansion.

— Filling in the blank: Gavin Newsom is a ____.

— Their reaction to the Randa Jarrar/Fresno State tweets that created a controversy and backlash among donors.

— What should be done with California’s budget surplus?

Cox and Allen appeared in Fresno for a debate Sunday (April 29) night. All the participating candidates, including John Chiang and Anthony Villaraigosa, attended a meet and greet at the Fresno Chamber of Commerce afterward.

10 Responses

  1. Jade

    Travis Allen got my vote! He has the experience and energy to beat Gavin Newsom.

  2. Stephenie Sporcich

    authentic GOP in the race. He has a 5 year record of standing up for maga agenda items, voted for Trump , has thousands of excited volunteers, and is truly motivated to execute on his 5 point plan. Cox has no volunteers, only paid staff. No excitement or people pushing to meet him. His booths empty. He relies on the elite establishment to push him down our throats as they take in hundreds of thpusands of his money. Cox brags that he has 1 million in donations? But he has put in 4 million of his own money . I call that a self funding campaign! He offers bribes to gop groups to support him. Ugg

  3. Cheri

    Travis Allen is the best candidate for Governor. He will clean up ALL Jerry Brown’s terrible messes….sanctuary city, high taxes, giving illegal aliens welfare, drivers licenses, etc. Vote for Travis on June th so he’ll qualify for the runoff in November!

  4. Gina

    Travis Allen is the ONLY candidate that can Take Back California!

  5. mbh

    It is Travis Allen who REALLY stands out. He has the depth of knowledge of CA’s issues and he has proven his ability to work these issues to a beneficial solution for all Californians. The best recent examples:
    1) Gas-tax repeal. As the original author of the gas-tax repeal (not Cox), he worked tirelessly on this effort. His opponent, was only involved for the photo-op after he paid $250K to have his name added.
    2) Education – Travis Allen is dedicated to fixing our broken school system which is in his 5-pt plan for CA. He recently joined many CA parents in Sacramento, and together they were successful in saving the homeschooling program.

    VOTING TRAVIS ALLEN – the right answer for CA!

  6. Yes yes

    Republicans need to hurry up and pick one to back so we can be in top 2.
    This should have been done before everyone received ballots 2 days ago. Why has it not been done yet?
    We want to be in the top 2 to beat Nuisance (newsom)

  7. Julia Sanchez

    Trump endorsed Cox-that’s a huge influencer. Maybe he sees something in him that can out debate Newsome with more ferocity . Both would support Sessions decisions. I like them both. I am voting for Cox because we cant be split up there are not enough of us left or so the fake media makes it seem.


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