At a special ceremony today to swear in two new Fresno County supervisors and one re-elected member, new board president Brian Pacheco outlined his goals for the coming year.

They include breaking ground on a new jail, start building a new sheriff’s sub-station and district attorney’s office as well as finding a new home for animal control. Pacheco also wants to work on employee wages and health care costs as well as water issues.

Pacheco also intends to set up a meeting with new City of Fresno leadership, including Mayor Lee Brand.

“We work for the people. It is in everyone’s best interest that we get along and find common ground wherever we can. Today is a new day,” Pacheco said from the dais. The supervisor also vowed to work with leadership from the Fresno Unified School District as well.

Earlier in the special session, Supervisor Andreas Borgeas took the Oath of Office to start his second term. He was joined by Sal Quintero and Nathan Magsig, former councilmen of Fresno and Clovis respectively.

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