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Catching up with Oliver Baines



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by David Taub

GVWire caught up with Fresno councilman Oliver Baines. We hear his opinions on the mayor’s race, who he is supporting for city council, why he is supporting Kamala Harris and his thoughts on the latest officer involved shooting.

Baines is staying neutral in the mayoral contest between Henry R. Perea and Lee Brand (with whom Baines currently serves on the council). He said he is looking forward to working with either one. Either way, he sees it as a close race.

In the Fresno district 5 race, Baines is supporting Luis Chavez. As far as the district 6 race, he says he has not formally met either candidate, Garry Bredefeld nor Jeremy Pearce.

Baines says he has been a longtime admirer of Kamala Harris, in her quest to become the next U.S. Senator. He helped host a meet and greet fundraiser Monday afternoon at The Daily Grill.

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