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Walters: The Pardon Power, for Good or Ill

The power of presidents and governors to overrule judges and juries by pardoning convicted felons or commuting their sentences is a vestige of ancient monarchial authority. As one history of the pardon power puts it: “The prerogative of mercy made its debut on the statutory rolls of the Anglo-Saxon monarchs during the...

Will Trump Pardon U.S. Troops Accused of War Crimes?

President Donald Trump is considering pardons for several American military members accused of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trump was asked Friday at the White House about reports that he was considering pardons ahead of the Memorial Day holiday. The president said "some of these soldiers" have "fought hard...

Fresno Pastor, a Cambodian Refugee, Pardoned for 1990s Gang Killing

California Gov. Jerry Brown has pardoned three former prisoners facing the threat of deportation to Cambodia, including a Fresno man, Vanna In, who became a youth pastor after serving six years in the 1990s for murdering a rival gang member. "I feel like these things don't happen to guys like...