Revenge of the Arambulas? Big Donation to Defeat Dyer.

Last December, then-Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer talked openly about the child abuse accusation against Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula. Listen to this article:
Photo of Fresno Mayor Lee Brand

Brand Still Can Be a Political Kingmaker

What does Mayor Lee Brand plan to do with his $450,000 political war chest? Brand amassed most of that amount in 2018, taking contributions from the who’s who of Fresno business and politics — public safety ...

Joaquin Arambula’s Father Testifies in Child Abuse Trial

Who better to testify about the character of Joaquin Arambula than his father? Arambula’s defense team started its case Friday (May 10), calling witnesses to speak to the character of the Democratic assemblyman. He is accused of one misdemeanor count of chi...