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Ex-Bitwise President Refuses to Give Bankruptcy Trustee Her Laptop



Ex-Bitwise Industries President Bethany Mily refuses to give her company-issued laptop to the trustee overseeing the company’s bankruptcy case. (GV Wire/ Composite/Paul Marshall)
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The San Joaquin Valley Sun reports that former Bitwise Industries President Bethany Mily is refusing to hand over her company-issued laptop computer to the court-appointed trustee overseeing the company’s bankruptcy case in Delaware.

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Mily’s legal counsel claims that the laptop may contain information subject to attorney-client privilege.

The bankruptcy trustee is Jeoffrey Burtch. He wants to inspect Mily’s laptop as part of an investigation into Bitwise’s demise and to identify any available assets to satisfy the companies’ debts.

Burtch argues that the company-issued laptop remains the property of the Bitwise bankruptcy estate and that Mily must deliver it to him.

GV Wire broke the original stories about Fresno-based Bitwise’s financial troubles and subsequent collapse amid reports of alleged fraud by company leaders to obtain financing.

Bitwise’s Liabilities Total More Than $511 Million

The FBI is among the agencies that multiple sources say are leading investigations into Bitwise’s meltdown.

Shortly after GV Wire first published reports in May of the financial troubles Bitwise was in, the board fired co-CEOs Jake Soberal and Irma Olguin Jr.

Bitwise Industries and four other associated entities have stated liabilities of more than $511 million, along with additional claims totaling $25.5 million from creditors.

Read more at The Sun.

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