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Assemblyman Slams CCW Bill: ‘Don’t Lecture Me About Gun Control and Gun Violence’



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In a recent YouTube clip, California Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher of Yuba City expressed his vehement opposition to a proposed gun control bill. Gallagher argued, “This bill puts the focus on the wrong people. It’s focused on law-abiding citizens who are not committing crimes who are not using guns to hurt people.” He further criticized the state’s approach to crime, urging, “Stop releasing people who are not ready to come back into society.”

Gallagher’s critique didn’t stop there. He lambasted the bill for its punitive measures against law-abiding citizens, stating, “You’re punishing law-abiding people who are simply exercising their constitutional rights and doing nothing about the criminals who continue to victimize people each day in this state. It’s sick.” He concluded his impassioned speech with a direct challenge to his colleagues, “Don’t lecture me about gun control and gun violence if you’re not going to do something about the people who are the real problem.”

Watch the full YouTube video below: