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Which Controversial Bills Will Gov. Newsom Sign Into Law?



Gov. Gavin Newsom has until Oct. 14 to sign or veto the final batch of bills sent to his desk by the California' Legislature. (CalMatters/Miguel Gutierrez Jr.)
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It’s California’s most diverse Legislature ever, and one-fourth of lawmakers are new. But some things never change: Legislators wait until the last days of the session to pass a lot of bills.

In recent days, they have sent Gov. Gavin Newsom some significant legislation — to tax guns and ammunition, ban caste discrimination and decriminalize some psychedelic drugs. And before they finish nearly seven months of lawmaking late Thursday (or early Friday), legislators will approve many more bills. Of the more than 2,600 introduced, the most in a decade, nearly 220 had been sent to the governor as of Friday. Newsom has already signed some and vetoed a few others.

He has until Oct. 14 to sign or veto the final batch. Last year, he vetoed 169, while signing 997, including some very significant ones. The Legislature can override vetoes, if the bill’s backers can win two-thirds majorities in both the Assembly and Senate. But that doesn’t happen often, and in recent decades almost never.

Some significant measures ought to be to Newsom’s liking: He has become more assertive in pushing his priorities in the Legislature — climate change last year, infrastructure and mental health this year.

Here are some of the noteworthy bills that CalMatters reporters are tracking.

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