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Want to Wager That Both of California’s Betting Measures Fail?



New polling shows Prop. 27, which would legalize online sports betting in California, trailing by a nearly two-to-one margin. (Shutterstock)
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The latest Berkeley IGS Poll of likely California voters announced Tuesday suggests that the two sports wagering initiatives, Propositions 26 and 27, will go bust.

With six weeks remaining before the Nov. 8 election, the poll found Prop. 27, the initiative to allow online sports wagering, trailing with 53% of respondents against it and 27% in favor.

The gap is narrower for Prop. 26, which would allow in-person sports wagering on tribal lands — 42% no to 31% yes.

“These results suggest that the sports wagering initiatives are foundering in the face of the opposition advertising campaigns,” said IGS co-director Eric Schickler in a news release. “The lack of support among key demographic groups makes (the) passage of each an uphill climb, at best.”

Poll Reveals Path to Victory for Props. 30, 31

By a 49% to 37% margin, poll respondents support Prop. 30, which would tax millionaires to fund air pollution reductions, electric vehicle infrastructure, and wildfire prevention programs.

The support for Prop. 30 is notable in that Gov. Gavin Newsom has publicly opposed it. The governor says it “is a trojan horse that puts corporate welfare above the fiscal welfare of our entire state.”

The “corporate welfare” alleged by Newsom is Lyft’s attempt to make taxpayers pay — via the proposition — for the ride-hailing company’s state-mandated purchase of EVs.

Clean-air advocates and others reject the governor’s claims, saying Prop. 30 will cut air pollution and help save the state’s forests from climate change-triggered fires.

Prop. 31, which is a referendum to uphold the state ban on flavored tobacco products, was favored, 57% to 31%.

Newsom Leads Comfortably in Gubernatorial Race

Newsom has a 53% to 32% lead over Republican challenger Brian Dahle in the election for governor. These results are almost identical to Berkeley IGS polling in early August.

According to the poll, a “major factor working against Dahle’s candidacy is that a majority of the state’s likely voters (52%) are unfamiliar with him and cannot offer an opinion when asked their overall impressions of him.”

About the Poll

The poll was administered online in English and Spanish, Sept. 22-27, among 8,725 California registered voters, including 6,939 likely voters.  The Los Angeles Times provided funding support.

For a deep dive into the poll, click on this link.

(GV Wire/Paul Rodriguez)

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