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What Will They Think of Next? How About Edible Tape to Hold Your Burrito Together?



Engineering students at Johns Hopkins University came up with an edible tape to hold burritos together. (Twitter/Johns Hopkins University)
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There’s no limit to the ingenuity of bright minds determined to fix problems large or small.

The latest engineering marvel: an edible tape that you can slap on a burrito so that it doesn’t fall apart.

Four senior engineering students at Johns Hopkins University — America’s first research university — began the mission last year during a lunchtime brainstorming session.

The female quartet of Tyler Guarino, Erin Walsh, Marie Eric, and Rachel Nie found their inspiration when Walsh’s burrito fell apart.

“It hit her then — this is a problem that we can solve,” Guarino told CNN.

The tape on the burrito, right, is dyed blue for visibility. The actual tape is colorless. (YouTube/Screengrab)

After testing various ingredients, they came up with a recipe that is gluten-free, texture-free, clear, tasteless, and suitable for vegans.

They call it “Tastee Tape.”

For now, the magic burrito fixer is a prototype consisting of tape strips on wax paper. Their goal is to package it in rolls similar to office tape.

If successful, the students — all of whom recently graduated from the university in Baltimore — could bring a new phrase to dining.

“Please pass the salsa and the tape.”

Read more at CNN.

Watch: Edible Tape Holds Burrito Together

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