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How Long Will Fresno Showers Continue?



picture of sun poking through raindrops
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Fresno’s rain showers are expected to subside this afternoon, according to the National Weather Service in Hanford.

The weather maker will move east Monday afternoon and usher in dry weather Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, that high-pressure system could yield to another weather maker on the north end of the Valley on Thursday.

Patchy Fog Tonight

Motorists can expect patchy fog starting tonight and widespread fog on Wednesday and Thursday, the NWS says.

Fresno’s rainfall total for the season now stands at 1.04 inches.

Snow in the Sierra

At Yosemite Valley, there is a chance of snow this afternoon, then again beginning Friday through the weekend.

The NWS reports that Huntington Lake has 17 inches of snow on the ground.

Season’s First Storm for Southern California

Rain, hail, and snow fell Monday as Southern California saw its first significant storm of the season.

Lightning flashed and thunder pounded as the storm front swept across the region in the middle of the night, unleashing downpours followed by bands of rain that were expected to continue through this afternoon.

“The good news was the front was moving quickly which prevented any serious flooding from occurring,” the National Weather Service‘s Los Angeles region office said.

Storm Brings Heavy Snow to Northern California

Heavy show on Saturday brought out chain controls over Interstate 80 over Donner Summit. The National Weather Service in Sacramento reported that 10 inches of snow fell at Sugar Bowl.

(Associated Press contributed to this story.)