Eight people have been charged for their alleged role in ripping off auto dealers in a 72-count indictment, the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office announced.

Last month, a grand jury indictment accused Hoover Alford, Luis Mojica and Noah Manley along with five other unnamed suspects of using stolen identification to purchase vehicles from several dealerships. The conspiracy involved the Fresneck street gang.

The men appeared in court for arraignment yesterday.

Fraud Scheme Stole More Than $200,000

The suspects allegedly used fraudulent identification and credit profiles to purchase six cars, including four Ford Mustangs, a Dodge Challenger and a Chevrolet Camaro, as well as renting equipment from U-Haul.

Authorities caught on when the suspects tried to buy a 2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty. In all, the total value of stolen cars reached $230,000.

“Several of those indicted were felons in possession of firearms and ammunition and others had a history of committing identity theft offenses. The identity theft victims are from throughout the state of California,” according to a news release from the DA’s office.

If convicted the suspects face up to 18 years in prison.

According to the Fresno County Superior Court website, Alford’s bail was set at $399,000; Manley’s bail set at $288,000; and Mojica’s bail at $151,000.

Mojica’s attorney, Gerald Schwab, declined comment when asked by GV Wire℠.

The indictment followed a six-month investigation from multiple law enforcement agencies participating in the Fresno County Help Eliminate Auto Theft (HEAT) Task Force.

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