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George Floyd Protests Create Risk of Deadly Coronavirus Resurgence



Photo of protesters in Maine
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Facial coverings have been used as a political Band-Aid in the fight against COVID-19, most recently this past week when mayors and governors across the country suddenly realized that the thronging mobs of demonstrators were, of course, not following rules of social distancing. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, for one, began to have masks distributed to the protesters.

Unfortunately, the absence of social distancing during the protests could lead to a significant increase in cases — masks or no masks — not just in Minnesota, which has seen a decrease to seven new cases on June 2, but around the country. We could see a new wave of cases a week from now, after the incubation period for most patients.

The Associated Press reports that major demonstrations have taken place in 25 COVID-19 hot spots, including Minneapolis-St. Paul, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago and New York. Public health officials are all keeping a nervous eye on these areas.

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