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Local Gas Stations Offer to Pump Gas for You at No Extra Charge



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At least four local gas stations are offering some form of full-service options so you don’t have to touch anything to avoid COVID-19.
GV Wire spoke with owner Gurkarn Bains of the Fowler ARCO AM/PM at Highway 99 and Manning Avenue.

There is no extra charge for the full-service gas or items from the store. — Gurkarn Bains, owner of ARCO AM/PM in Fowler
He just started doing full service for everyone a few days ago. His signs still say, “offering full service gas for our senior customers” on them, but Bains says anyone can ask for help.

Call the Number on the Sign, Employees do the Rest

“Give us a call, our number is listed on all of the signs that are posted on our building and all of the pumps. Give us a call and let us know what you’d like, ” Bains said.
He asks that folks be patient as they may have several customers they’re helping at once.
Employees will even get you something from inside the store and bring it out to your car if you’d like. There is no extra charge for the full-service gas or items from the store, Bains said.
Bains and his crew are cleaning all surfaces and pump handles every 30 minutes or so to ensure as much cleanliness as possible.
Bains believes many other gas stations will offer this type of service in the days ahead. That’s because customers are increasingly concerned about what they’re touching now with the COVID-19 pandemic intensifying in the Valley.

Gas Stations Offering Free Full Service Gas

Here is a list of the known stations offering full service:
ARCO AM/PM at 2702 Vineyard Pl, Fowler, CA 93625  — Full service for everyone
ARCO AM/PM 3002 M St, Tulare, CA 93274  — Full service for everyone
ARCO AM/PM 12019 S Highland Ave, Selma, CA 93662  — Full service for everyone
GV Wire also spoke with the Shell station at Maroa and Shields avenues in Fresno. Seniors who pull up there can simply honk twice and someone will come out to help them.

We are committed in providing safe environment for our customers .

Posted by Maroa Shell on Monday, March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Story Tips

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